5Back-end Infrastructure
We take care of hardware, storage and virtualization solutions for our customers with a wide range of leading brand products. We guarantee quality by offering only leading brand products, not repackaged OEMs from third-party companies.

Business Applications Infrastructure
Each company needs different software to run its business. After consulting with our customers, we install the relevant server and client OSes and application platforms that they need, shaving costs off unnecessary programs.

Applications Delivery Infrastructure
Hardware and software are only as good as our customers’ ability to access them. We build reliable access to server applications for our customers’ end-users so they can access work-critical data anytime and anywhere they need to.

Infrastructure Management
To make it easy for our customers to keep their hardware and software running smoothly, we include automated management solutions for our customers to mange their hardware, together with automate updates. To ensure continuous up-time and to ensure against injurious loss of data, we build automated backups together with contingency plans to insure and protect our customers